HOW TO ~ Bake Camembert

HOW TO ~ Bake Camembert

If you are a cheese lover then chances are you love melted cheese. Perfect to indulge or to make you feel like you are the ultimate host, the sight of oozy, creamy cheese will make you and your guests swoon. 


Le Conquerant Camembert (or a Camembert or Brie of your choosing)

1 garlic clove peeled and cut in half

Fresh Rosemary 

A splash of white wine (optional)


Preheat oven to 180°c. Remove the cheese from box and place to the side.

Rub the cut side of the garlic on the inside of the box and lid. This will perfume the box and pass on a subtle garlic flavour to the cheese without overpowering it. Unwrap the wax paper from the cheese and place the cheese back into the box.

Stud the top of the cheese with springs of rosemary and drizzle a little white wine on top. Put the lid back on the box and wrap the box in foil. 

Place the foil wrapped cheese into the preheated oven and bake for 20-30 minutes.  If you have a larger wheel of cheese you will need to allow longer baking time. Remove the cheese from the oven, unwrap the foil and remove the lid. Your baked camembert is now ready to enjoy with your favourite accompaniments. 

This is the basic 'how to' instructions and from here you can explore a multitude of flavour combinations such as studding it with truffle, placing slices of apple on top or even a layer of apricot jam. 

Enjoy, Lia x 

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