HOW TO~ Create a cheese board

HOW TO~ Create a cheese board

Whether you are entertaining for a dinner party or having a few friends over in the afternoon, a table laden with thoughtful edibles from artisan makers is sure to delight. It is a wonderful way to make guests feel instantly welcome, and helps you relax as the host as there is no cooking involved and you can have it prepared before your guests arrive. 

So how do you put together a Cheese board? Here is a quick video on how I put together a cheese board for a Mum's and Bub's catch up I was hosting.


Start with your hero ingredients. This is typically your cheese/s and it tends to be the larger items you will place on your board. When placing the cheese on the board the 'nose' (which is the point of the cheese) should face towards to edge of the board. This makes it easier for your guests to cut the cheese. 

Next, layer the crackers and add the accompaniments. This is where you can have fun with flavour combinations. It is also good to consider textures, you would like a mix of creamy/smooth and crunchy on your board. 

Add your finishing touches and serving wearing. Now, all that is left is to enjoy your creation when your guests arrive. 

Enjoy, Lia xo


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