HOW TO~ Create a Vegan grazing board

In celebration of World Vegan Day we have HOW TO- Create a Vegan grazing board because regardless of your dietary preferences, food should be a source of enjoyment. 



Start by placing the largest or "hero" items on your board. Vegan does not mean boring, think about providing a variety of flavours and texture on the board for your guests to enjoy.

Crackers add a little crunch, while carrots add freshness when pared with the creaminess of our spiced pumpkin hummus. Nuts add a lovely earthiness to the balconies the salt from the flies and the tang of the marinated mushrooms and artichokes. To finish finish add something a little sweet (we have selected strawberries), a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkle of nuts and/or seeds to elevate the dip. 

Enjoy, Lia xo 

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